3D Rendering Case Study for a Commercial Establishment, Super Star Group (SSG)

SSG is a successful business conglomerate of Bangladesh driven by a penchant for continuous excellence and an attitude welcoming new ideas. Latitude-23 was asked to lend its expertise to SSG’s branding and marketing campaigns for the new office building project.

Their plan was that upon completion of this 200,000 SFT commercial development, they will occupy ⅓ of the space for themselves. They will sell ⅓ of them and rest will be open for renting under a contract basis.


Salient Features of the Establishment

  • Total Land Area: 15,120 sqft
  • Maximum Ground Cover: 50%
  • Building Mass: 14 storied plus 5 Basement; 200 car parking.
  • Terraces: ATN different levels to enjoy the beautiful view of the adjacent park and Hatirjheel Lake

Services We Provided

Essentially, the property is a commercial design. It is meant to allow the business to go on as usual while reinvigorating the mind with its beautiful scenery. In short, it helps the mind to relax and provide its best output.

To make this a reality, Latitude-23 surveyed the location, created aerial images, 360 panoramic renderings/VR, and drone videos for space. We also integrated the best building designs in the space and created a brand identity

Picture 2

Our approach was simple – to connect the beautiful water body located within half a mile from the property with the new development and showcase this unique location. Our 3D visualizations attempt to create the type of experience a user is likely to have at different levels of the building, thereby creating a feel-good factor that gives you the joy of owning a property there.

A Brand Just For You

Our brand promise was ‘Rise Above’.

Rise above the mundane.
In the pursuit of perfection,
Rise above all boundaries.
Untethered of all barriers.
Rise above to new aspirations.
The clarity in purpose and
Unbound in desire.

Rise above definitive excellence.
Where journeys of discovery
Lie within limits set by you.
Rise above to the highest degree
A zenith reachable only by you.

Marketing Strategy At Its Best

We chose a simple strategy to make the client appreciate what they will eventually create. By the use of the images, videos, and other visualization features, we brought the idea to life in the realest possible way. To help the project run successfully, we came up with the following marketing tool for them –

Scaling Model

We love scaled physical models. A physical model was created which is to be displayed in the sales office and also trade promotion. It also a very powerful tool to make the stakeholders imagine the project’s end result.

Aerial Images

Aerial images were taken to highlight the location and surroundings of the property and Hatirjheel. The images were integrated into the visualization and also in 360 VR Panorama to give them the best touch of realism.


Our mission was to create a brand that truly emphasizes the diversity and culture of the Tejgaon neighborhood meant showing that the whole is made greater by the sum of its parts. To portray this idea, we shot helicopter and drone footage of the area, giving investors a bird’s-eye view of how the neighborhood fits together.



About 50 still frame images were created highlighting the property’s charm and ambiance. Our aim was to integrate these images into print material Ad campaigns and social media activity.



Visual Animation

We created realistic animated videos to properly depict how the building will look like, where it will sit on, the feeling it will arouse, and the integration it brings to the neighborhood. It is a simple yet powerful video that our client used to promote their project, get tenants, create adverts on social media, and basically get the right partners for their project.

360 Panoramic Renderings/VR

In addition to the visual animations, we created the ability to visualize the building and its real-life surroundings in a 360 3D view. The clients and their potential customers used this VR system to get a 360-degree image view and feel the real thrill of owning a space in this project.

Gift Boxes

Picture3Finally, we chose to provide gift boxes. We created a purpose-designed package with promotional materials and the project’s storyline in a 3D model. Nothing comes short in our marketing strategy. We will lead you to heights unknown and give you the best value for every coin that you put in. We did it for SSG with these for simple but complex strategies.

The End Justifies the Means

For us, it was a pure branding and design project where we could coordinate all the disciplines within our studio. We developed and deliver the whole project within 30 working days, which was within our initial agreement.

The client made huge savings both in terms of cost and time. There were obvious signs of the feel-good factor that gave them the joy of owning a property.  

Latitude-23 is your trusted partner not only to deliver real estate branding and marketing materials. We also care about how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business. We have helped several of our real estate partners to get listed across MLS sites, Zillow, Redfin, etc. with our marketing materials. 

You can check our portfolio here.

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