Building a Successful Architectural Visualization Studio…Introducing Latitude-23

“I am on the road to making the difference.  I want to create, build, and shape, my business, to have a positive impact on society. I want to be a good father, the best husband and a friend indeed. Above all, I want to be an excellent ambassador to those that believe in me.”

– Golam Mohammad Mohiuddin

Hello and welcome to my blog. For those who are wondering who I am, my name is Golam Mohammad Mohiuddin.

I am the chief technology officer (CTO), entrepreneur and co-founder of the leading Animation and Visualization Studio in Bangladesh; Latitude-23. I am also one of the owners of a highly successful software development company called Brainstation-23 where we have a team of over 400 employees.

Inception of Latitude-23

I started Latitude-23 sixteen years ago in October of 2003. I had just graduated from the architecture department in BUET when I teamed up with two brilliant brains; Mamnoon Murshed Chowdhury and Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad to start Latitude-23.

The two had years of experience as architects and also teaching professionals. So they had a better understanding of the industry.

Our founding principle was to create state-of-the-art marketing images, which tell the best stories.

The motto was to create each image farmable, while the goal was to serve the North American and European markets satisfactorily.

Since the very beginning, Latitude-23 has been lucky. We were trained by the best in the industry; Danish Partner Cadpeople for 5 years in support by the DANIDA.

This became an eye-opening experience for us since Latitude-23 was in touch with Scandinavian culture, style of design and state-of-the-art visualization techniques.

To date, this has been one of the best choices that I made in life. I am happy that we started Latitude-23 with only four people in a 10’X10’ room. But presently we have 35 people in our team and still counting.

Why Latitude-23 is Different

We are people who love to invent, experiment, and get into unfamiliar territories.

To put it bluntly, we are a team of architects, artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and visionaries with a common interest of inspiring motion graphics and beautiful visuals.

Since 2003, we have been creating high-end 3D visuals for many clients worldwide. More specifically, we have worked with many clients that are based in Europe, North America, and Bangladesh.

We are working for architects, real estate developers, advertising agencies and R &D professionals from diverse backgrounds.

So, don’t stop before you try. There is always something for everyone at Latitude-23.

How Latitude-23 Impact Real Estate Companies

First, we are a team of different professionals including architects, real estate developers and many more. Because of our background as architects, we will spot the ‘Unique selling proposition’ of any property and help you to get the best.

We also provide architectural 3D rendering services such as rendering floor plans etc. and help you to advertise using the most viable marketing platform such as augmented reality technology.

As if that’s not enough, we have combined top-level management experience of over 100 years that you can tap from as a real estate company. This means that your project will have more than one angle of assessment before inception.

Finally, our real-time experience over the years has also given us a clear understanding of how people’s culture and psychology works.

Latitude-23’s Impact on Marketing Companies and Animation Firms

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is the core value of our production.

That’s why we have created farmable images over the years that we have been in operation. Even better, we have embraced a digital transformation with a lot of life.

Today, with social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Digital Marketing taking center stage, so have our strategy.

We have produced more strategic and goal-driven images and animation that marketers can use on real-time social media platforms. Real estate agencies can also tap into the same.

How Latitude-23 Got Into Visualization Studio

While many may wonder what drew a bunch of real estate developers and architects into architectural visualization studio, the answer is simple. It is our passion. We fell in love with the 3D world and we have never looked back since.

Another thing was our love for nice and realistic presentations. The 3D rendering studio gives use that.

Today we focus on giving a 360-marketing solution using technology. It’s not about creating only 3D anymore. The spectrum has enlarged through the evolution of technology and the paradigm shift of digital marketing in social media.

Projects Latitude-23 Have Worked With

Over the period of 16 years that we have been in operation, Latitude-23 has delivered over 5000 projects. In these projects, we have created about 50,000 images and created over 10 hours of animated film.

What’s in the future for LATITUDE-23?

We have in the last year rebuilt our entire digital team and the work we are starting to produce with branded sales experiences is really exciting. By this, we specifically mean sales or leasing spaces that are interactive and immersive.

This is an area where all the disciplines can come together and realize their full potential. From Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Digital, CG, Photography, to Film and Audio there are no limits to how much we can achieve. In short, we strive to continue doing what we are doing in a better and much more satisfactory way.

The Last Words

While many companies may give you no value addition to your projects, we are and always will be very focused on giving you the best.

We are focused on the visualization of architecture and the creation of desire through image-making. For us, it is critical to frame our work in such a way that maximizes your potentials, and there is no better way than to design the pieces that the CGIs will be housed in.

The initial transition into a full-service creative agency was precipitated by seeing our visuals in poorly designed pieces that we had no control over. The only solution was to see the work through into the hands of the end-user.

Let’s bring you through the architectural visualization industry so you can enjoy pure branding and design projects from all areas that you may need.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Latitude 23, Please contact us.

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