Our Services

3d Modeling

We have been providing unparallel 3d modeling service to various businesses across the globe for decades. We are accustomed to handling diverse client requirement, whatever the complex it might be. Our3d modeling team can deliver  world class 3d modeling solution to support the various business sectors  such as architects, real estate developers etc. 

-Architectural modeling.
-Furniture modeling.
-Low poly modeling.
-High poly to low poly modeling.
-Character design and modeling.
-Unity Modeling.


An animation walkthrough is a great way to showcase a project, so you can envision the property before its construction. Our inch-perfect animation work help our clients get that complete view beforehand. We partner up with our client with experienced and trained team in specific industry to showcase their creativity.

-Architectural  Animation
-Product Animation
-Sport Animation
-Bio Medical Animation
-Industrial Animation
-Infrastructural Animation




Photo Realistic Imagery

Architectural visualization still image is a glimpse into the yet-to-be-built future. We use artistic tools to consciously build convincing, detailed images to be powerful tools on your hands while pitching to a client or applying for a competition. Large-scale or small, aerial or ground view, exterior or interior, we use the same, effective approach to perfectly match and communicate outstanding architectural design.

Game Asset Development 

Latitude-23 team promises to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for game development company at cost effective price. Our programming unit Brainstation-23engineering team  have been involved in numerous  game development  project  of all available platforms .We always  adapt latest tool and trend  in designing and developing  games that truly immerse the audiences.

Character Modeling    

We provide client-centric 3D character modeling services .Value for money is our promise. We never went away from going the extra mile to offer exceptionally aesthetic and real life 3D characters in achieving exceptional results for their 3D animation requirements.


Latitude-23team provides services for different type of in-game animation needs. We have the experience of key-frame animation, bone animation including mocap integration and cleanup.

We provide animation for 3D mechanical models; Biped and Quadruped characters both in realistic and characterized style. Complex character animation requires perfect collaboration between the animators and the client. It requires animators to grab the artistic aspect of animation from the client to out put the perfect requirement. Our team can help you to organize this development collaborative model from our long outsourcing experience.

Software Development   

Latitude-23 has an independent software division called Brainstation-23. Brainstation-23 is working in ASP.net, Php, SharePoint, IOS and Android Development.  Our client List includes .Simons, British telecom, Paypal and many others. For more information please visit www.brainstation-23.net

Furniture modeling   

We create top notch furniture model, allowing designers & retailers to get detailed insights into the feature of the products. We established ourselves as reputed name in the niche among the wide range of global customers by serving the high quality design as per the requirement within the quickest turnaround possible. Our Value added services include:

1. Webgl for website ( ecommerce ready )
2. AR app to experience the furniture in my mobile with color option and scale check inside the room .
Our software team can provide the programming background needed for the job.

Remote 3d Artist   

We also extend our helping hands for our valuable clients by appointing 3d artist on their behalf. Our 3d artists are being hired across the globe in regular basis. Having the exposure of working in so many countries make them the great contender for any client. Because our 3d teams are easy to communicate, committed to meet the deadline, passionate to add value and finally rational in terms of affordability.